I've always thought that accountant is
far too narrow a definition of what I do.

Ken yao


Chartered Accountancy +

The Ken Yao Company offers a different approach to chartered accountancy. We operate under the belief that the more contact you have with your accountant, the more effectively your accountant can serve your needs.
For that reason, we schedule regular check-ins, to plan, to review opportunities and threats, and to provide ongoing advice as the financial picture evolves.
This more regular exposure allows us to be a sharp pair of eyes watching your financial back throughout the year.


Our Services

Chartered Accountancy

The rules are constantly evolving in the world of corporate and personal taxation. To be effective, a chartered accountant has to be on top of developments and be empowered to help clients navigate the ever-changing landscape. When we are this invested, we're at our most effective.

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In addition to our proactive tax planning advisory, we offer a complete range of Chartered Accountancy services, from streamline accounting and reporting processes and improving internal controls, to financial forecasting, cash flow and budget analysis. Getting to know a client on this level gives us a clearer view of the situation, which allows us to provide ever more useful recommendations to increase your profitability and financial security.

  • Assurance: review engagement and audit (audit of not-for-profits or charities only)
  • Compilation: Notice to Reader financial statements
  • Business consulting and ongoing advisory services
  • Ongoing accounting and bookkeeping
  • Comprehensive taxation planning
  • Advising on the CRA income tax, GST, and payroll audits
  • GST and PST expertise
  • Corporate tax returns preparation (SR&ED claims and Apprenticeship tax credit applications)
  • T3, T4 and T5 returns preparation
  • Personal tax returns preparation (including T1135 foreign property reporting)

How we improve ourselves:

  • Professional development courses
  • Tax research and major tax conferences
  • Routine meetings and discussions with other top-notch chartered accountants, lawyers, branding/marketing specialists, and other professionals.

We’ll get to know your business or tax situation inside and out, and take the pain out of the equation.


Business Development

Looking to get a new business off the ground or taking your business to the next level? We have the business set-up skills that will allow you to get to market faster and with a more stable foundation. Incorporation, legal and financial structure, registration, budgeting and cash flow analysis – we specialize in these.

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As a result of our business and community connections, we also bring local market expertise to business development, whether that’s making the right introduction or finding out where the best values are to be found.

Our services include:
  • Business start up and incorporation
  • Business consulting and planning
  • Due diligence service for business acquisition
  • Special consulting in relation to BC PNP business purchase and sale
  • GST, PST, and payroll registration and set up for best practice
  • Risk Management and monitoring

Of equal importance to our skills is our commitment. We will provide ongoing advisory for any issues or developments as they arise. We’re invested in the success of our clients and we’ll be a proactive business development partner.


Relocation Planning

Every year, hundreds of families move to Victoria for a better life. For many, Victoria is their introduction to Canada. Navigating a new country is daunting. Beyond the language challenges and lack of a network, there are the policies and tax laws and regulations to wrap your head around.

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The Ken Yao Company can make the process much less painful. We’ll be your experienced and knowledgeable local guide. From employment opportunities to real estate, from business creation to investment strategies, we’ll help you to get established in your new country, and your new home city.

Here’s what we can help with:

  • Real estate purchase advisory
  • Business startup and development
  • Local area knowledge and expertise
  • Investment and wealth management strategies
  • New immigrants tax compliance, tax planning, and foreign properties reporting
  • Non-resident tax compliance and clearance certificate application
  • Employment and immigration issues

Ken is fluent in both English and Mandarin and we offer true cross-cultural expertise. We want your move to Victoria to get off to the best possible start, wherever you’re coming from.



Here's how we work

More frequent contact with our clients means a different kind of working model is required than if you are just getting together with your accountant at tax time. Our process gives us a systematic approach, which we believe creates a more consistent level of service and ensures no opportunity is missed.


Comprehend [+]

Analyze [+]

Execute [+]

Evaluate [+]

Advise [+]


About The Company

Our company was launched in Victoria, BC in 2014. We come from the world of mainstream chartered accountancy, but we see a need for a new approach to the value a CA can bring. We embrace a spirit of differentiation in everything we do. 

We are committed to turning convention on its head if doing so serves our clients’ interests better.

For our personal and corporate clients, this means more than just touching base once a year at tax time.

Because of this more regular exposure, businesses can view us as an outsourced CFO - a sounding board as well as an advisor. Our business model is built around monthly retainer relationships, with the preparation of annual tax return and financial statements folded into the fees. This allows our clients to budget for our services.

The Ken Yao Company is not here to change the game, just the way the game is played.


We're located at 1521 Amelia Street, just a few minutes drive from downtown Victoria.

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About Ken

Ken Yao was born in Shanghai, China. He has been in Victoria for over 10 years. He attended the University of Victoria, in the Peter Gustavson School of Business. He graduated on the Dean’s list with a Bachelor of Commerce, and then earned his Chartered Accountant designation. 

In addition to providing more traditional accounting services, Ken gained considerable experience helping business get started and new immigrants get established. He began to see new ways that chartered accounting skills could provide value to clients.

In 2014, he decided to start his own chartered accountancy practice and put those thoughts into action.

He has completed the rigorous two-year in-depth tax course with the Canadian Institution of Chartered Accountants, which allows him to offer an exceptional level of tax expertise. One of his specialties is in the area of tax advisory for United Nations (UN) retirees in Canada. Since 2009, he has also been a CAFICS listed tax advisor in Canada.

Ken’s local connections make him a valuable resource for new immigrants or business start-ups. He’s a member of the Canadian Tax Foundation and the Victoria Chinese Commerce Association. He sits on the board of numerous societies and foundations in Victoria.

Ken lives in Victoria with his wife and their young child.


Connect with us the way you like best.


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1521 Amelia St. Victoria, BC, V8W 2K1 (get directions)